London Road Industrial Estate and Newbury

Bond Riverside (London Road Industrial Estate)

Bond Riverside (London Road Industrial Estate)

Bond Riverside

A Place for employment and sustainable business

The Bond Riverside is on the edge of Newbury Town Centre and is home to light industrial, office and retail businesses. The area has historically been used as an employment area and it is West Berkshire Council’s strategy to continue support it for employment use and promote sustainable businesses within the area.

West Berkshire Council has outlined a project refresh report on the vision and plans for Bond Riverside that focuses on job creation, attracting investment to Newbury and achieving carbon neutrality. 

Bond Riverside, which is currently home to around 36 businesses and 300 jobs, is set to welcome additional employers and investment as well as at least 200 new jobs.

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Faraday Rd, Newbury RG14 2AD




The delivery of a mixed-use site that delivers economic growth, an improved local environment within which to work, travel and live, and provides effective links to the town centre.

        Approved by Executive on 9 June 2022

Executive Report

The Place for Employment and Business

  • A focus on attracting investment in employment space and jobs that aligns with carbon net zero ambitions;
  • A commitment to working in partnership with leaseholders and potential partners to grow current Bond Riverside businesses in a sustainable way and encourage new businesses;
  • A sustainable design-led approach to place-making to create an appealing destination for businesses that includes seeking external funding for public realm improvements;
  • A move away from the residential-led approach set out in the 2020 Development Brief.

     Area aerial map

Businesses in LRIE

It is our goal to work with and support the existing businesses on the estate and Newbury Electronics is a great example of the innovative businesses we want to see thrive and grow with our plans. Find out more about them in the video!