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Digital Infrastructure Group

Digital Infrastructure Group

Digital Infrastructure to help everyone connect

West Berkshire is one of six councils along with the Local Enterprise Partnership that form the Digital Infrastructure Group. The aim is to create a joined-up approach to the challenges faced by current infrastructure restrictions – and to make sure that post-pandemic Businesses and Residents can continue to connect with people across all platforms.

The Digital Infrastructure Group will look to provide physical and digital connectivity, giving our businesses a cutting edge in technology and helping the Berkshire workforce enjoy flexible working.

Berkshire DIG was thrilled recently to be chosen by DCIA as one of only 8 Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) pilot projects in the UK. 

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DIG projects

  • Superfast Broadband – this project is now in Phase 3 – we are working with suppliers to complete this by March 2022.
  • Project Gigabit – More than one million hard to reach homes and businesses will have next generation gigabit broadband built to them in the first phase of a £5 billion government infrastructure project.
  • Full Fibre for Schools – £1.7m from GBF has been awarded to deploy gigabit speeds to some public sites (Schools, Doctor's surgeries, Libraries, Fire stations) meaning improvements across the area from Jan 2022 – to be completed by Nov 2022.
  • 4G/5G – this is still in the strategic stages but we aim to have a test bed created and ready by 2025.
  • Dig Once project – The idea of sharing agreements, assets and infrastructure is something very new. Great progress has been made in drawing up agreements and creating a shared approach as well as sharing knowledge of what is already ‘in the ground’.
  • Digital Inclusion – a subject at the forefront of Government’s agenda. We will start to understand what this looks like across the region and start the information and planning stages soon. Help and feedback from residents and businesses will be vital in this project and we will look to survey people for their thoughts on this.