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Local Development Areas

Local Development Areas

West Berkshire offers support to businesses looking to develop a site in the district

For any businesses looking for potential sites, it would be recommended to look through the current planning policies first, especially the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment and Employment Land Review, which sits under the current local plan. 

We offer an interactive map that shows all the areas available on the planning documents to gain a more visual insight into where these areas are in the district.


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FAQ for Commercial Developments 

Will I need  planning permission?

You might need planning permission if - for example - your proposals involve new build, alterations to a building or change of use.  The Council’s Planning Team can provide further details on the types of proposals that are likely to require a planning application, and how to submit a planning application:

For a fee, the Planning Team offer a pre-application advice service:

How are proposals for economic development determined?

The starting point for the determination of a planning application in West Berkshire is the development plan for West Berkshire. This comprises a suite of documents that set out our local planning policies, such as the Local Plan. National planning policies (set out in the National Planning Policy Framework) and national planning guidance (set out in the Planning Practice Guidance) are also taken into consideration, along with other material considerations.

The Local Plan covers the period to 2026 and comprises of three documents – the Core StrategyHousing Site Allocations Development Plan Document, and the Saved Policies of the West Berkshire Local Plan 1991-2006. The Local Plan recognises the importance of retaining and safeguarding existing employment and commercial sites in the District. We need this to ensure people can live and work locally. We also make sure that our rural economy is protected by supporting the diversification of rural employment spaces.

Our policies protect existing sites and several Protected Employment Areas have been designated. These can be viewed on the West Berkshire Online Map (hint: select 'LDF' in the legend of the online map). The Local Plan also has policies which have regard to the loss and gain of employment and commercial development. It also contains policies on retail development.

Where can I view details of submitted planning applications for economic development?

The weekly lists, which contain details of validated planning applications, can be viewed at: On this website you can also search by property or search for a particular planning application.



Read more about our planning department including how to get in touch via the West Berkshire Council Website.