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Local Economy

Local Economy

West Berkshire Vision

To see ourselves move towards a productive and resilient economy founded on the principles of inclusive, clean growth and where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive

The council has set out a list of priorities and strategic goals to ensure that West Berkshire flourishes economically. We aim to work with local businesses to create an environment that benefits the local population as well as businesses.

We set out the key areas of focus in our latest Strategy:

People - good jobs and greater earning power for all in West Berkshire

Places - creating prosperous communities across West Berkshire

Infrastructure - future-proofing West Berkshire's infrastructure

Business Environment - making West Berkshire the best place to start a grow a business

Our Industry Sectors 

Digital and Technology prevails as one of the leading sectors in West Berkshire 

The Horse Racing industry has a long history associated with West Berkshire. Known as the 'Valley of the Racehorse', Lambourn has over 30 training establishments for training purposes. 

AWE and Vodafone are based in West Berkshire contributing to thousands of employment opportunities. 

Helping Businesses Go Green

We want to encourage businesses to think sustainably and take action to help us become carbon neutral by 2030. 

See our environmental initiatives in the environment strategy 

Environment Strategy 

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