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Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

Top Sector's Information

West Berkshire has a mix of industry sectors that vary from town to town. One of our biggest assets in the district is the connectivity available for businesses of different sizes. In 2020, we saw the birth of 900 new businesses in the district, adding to our existing 8800 live businesses. Below is a summary of the top sectors in West Berkshire from the Berkshire observatory database.

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Top 4 sectors by Gross Value Added

Information and Communication 2308 million

Real Estate 923 million

Wholesale and Retail Trade 882 million

Manufacturing* 852 million  *AWE contributes to a large part of figure

Vodafone and AWE undoubtedly play a large part in our economy and the Gross Value added to the district. This is reflected in the data as we can see that Information and Communications and Manufacturing are 2 of our largest sectors. This has also encouraged companies in similar sectors to set up to create ‘sector clusters’ here within West Berkshire. The friendly and prosperous business environment has also allowed smaller businesses in the wholesale and retail trades flourish in our district; boosting real estate activity.

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Thames Valley Sector Proposition

The Thames Valley LEP has also published a Sector proposition looking at the wider Thames value and key sector information.

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