30 January 2024

AI Training for Businesses at Newbury College

AI Training for Businesses at Newbury College

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Programme


University Centre Newbury (UCN) is proud to announce its upcoming Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) Programme. This FREE (fully-funded) program, designed for adults aged 19 and older, aims to provide leaders and professionals with a comprehensive overview of generative AI and its transformative impact on businesses. It will equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully integrate AI into organizational functions.


This programme will provide practical solutions to the following key questions: 

What are the capabilities and limitations of using AI? 

What are the implications of AI on the future of work? 

How will using AI enhance my business workflows and add value? 

How can I effectively drive AI strategy in my organisation? 

How can I identify AI opportunities that align with my organisation’s goals? 

Participants will gain a solid understanding of large language models like ChatGPT and image generation models like Mid-Journey and DALL-E. The programme will include an in-depth review of how these models work, as well as an exploration of their limitations. Furthermore, participants will be introduced to the latest research and trends in the field of generative AI. 



The programme will be delivered in a face-to-face format at University Centre Newbury, providing participants with the opportunity to meet faculty and peers. This immersive experience allows for focused learning, networking and knowledge exchange. Participants will engage in debates, learn from guest speakers and take part in group exercises and discussions. 


Join University Centre Newbury on this exciting journey to unlock the potential of generative AI and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of technology and business. 


Date: Thursday 08 Feb – Thursday 28 March 2024.

The course will run once a week for 8 weeks every Thursday. 

Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm    

Venue: University Centre Newbury - Monks Lane, Newbury, RG14 7TD.

Tutors: Dr. Tim Coole and Marco Davi 


Click here to find more information or to secure one of the limited spaces on this programme.


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