28 September 2022

Inclusive Employment

Inclusive Employment

We want good news stories from businesses! 

  • Are you a business that welcomes workers who think differently?
  • Have you taken on staff who have struggled academically but have turned out to be excellent for your business?
  • Are you looking for employees and do you have vacancies you struggle to fill?
  • Are you confident working with employees with disabilities?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

If your answer was yes then Groundwork South would like to hear from you. Groundwork South would like to invite you to a special event in Newbury in September. The event is to celebrate inclusive employers (large and small) and hear about their good news stories when adults have overcome barriers and have delivered great work. The event will have a range of employers and stakeholders sharing good news, talking about some of the challenges and sharing opportunities to make employment more accessible. Employers will find out about how to get added funding to support adults into work (a scheme called Access to Work). Adults who have overcome barriers will be sharing their experiences too.

If you would like to know more then please contact Isabel on 07718 043213. You can find out about the event and find out more about how the programme could help fill some of your vacancies. Isabel is leading the programme.

The event is part of the ASCEND programme in West Berkshire. ASCEND means Support for Carers and individuals with Extra Needs/ Disabilities.

The ASCEND programme is working with adults with learning disabilities or difficulties and individuals with physical disabilities. They are motivated to get into and stay in work but sometimes need support in order to get the very best from them. All of them have special talents. The programme provides support and advice to the individuals and to the employers. The programme is funded through West Berkshire Council.

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