08 January 2024

Transformative vision for Newbury's Wharf takes a significant leap forward

Transformative vision for Newburys Wharf takes a significant leap forward

Planning permission submitted for next step to improving the Wharf

Exciting proposals are progressing as we propel forward with plans to revitalise some of our town centres.

One of our main visions is the Newbury Town Centre Masterplan which looks to broaden the leisure, community and cultural experience to help the town centre transform into a space for social interaction, economic growth, civic engagement and community activities.

The revitalisation of the Wharf was identified as a priority in the Newbury Masterplan. The transformation includes changing part of the car park within the Wharf to hold events, improve visitor experience, and provide a new attraction within Newbury town centre.

Adams & Sutherland, a renowned multidisciplinary architectural and urban landscape consultancy from London, have been enlisted to breathe life into this vision. Adams & Sutherland previously worked with us back in April 2022, when they developed an outline design for the Wharf as part of the feasibility study.

A planning application has been submitted for phase 1 of the Wharf project, which involves improvements to the public access along the Waterfront (project A) and a Peace Garden (project C). Both projects are set to improve and transform the current space into a more inviting and welcoming place.

The Waterfront key features:

  • Redefine the Wharf edge and transform into a more inviting and welcoming place.
  • Activate the space with improved provision for leisure and purposeful street furniture.
  • Introduce a new strip of surface which cradles the waterfront unifying the space.
  • Address the edge condition by installing new hardwood edging along the length of the waterfront.

The Peace Garden key features:

  • Develop a new adjusted landscape with revived character.
  • Create a more formal garden with dense planting supported by seating integrated into the landscape.
  • Implement planters both within existing soft landscape and extend onto hard landscape.
  • Improve visual connectivity with the Waterfront.
  • Create a new path structure.

Grant funding of £375,000 from the Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership and £420,000 from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund underlines the commitment to this first phase of this transformative project. At this stage all funding committed to the project is external grant funding, and we will keep bidding for more from other sources to undertake the full scope of the vision for the site.

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